Articles by Karen Moosekian

  • Almost 250 register with Walton County Snowbirds

    Numbers sometimes have odd correlations. For instance, the lower the number on the thermometer reaches in the north, the higher the number of snowbirds registering for the Walton County Snowbird ... READ MORE

  • Snowbirds make plans for Christmas

    This week offers a couple of different type of snowbirds. There are those who are staying put and those who will be on the move. Many snowbirds have already settled in to the Walton County modus ... READ MORE

  • Snowbird season officially arrives

    As the new year of 2014 arrived in the land of the emerald green waters and sugar white beaches, so did a large flock of Walton County Snowbirds. Yes, it’s true, snowbird season has officially ... READ MORE

  • Snowbirds plan raffle, dance, luncheon

    Last week on Monday, there was a great deal of excitement as a fairly large group of snowbirds descended upon the Faith Assembly Fellowship Hall to make their membership official by way of ... READ MORE

  • Snowbirds plan casino trip to Biloxi

    It appears that one thing all people, whether you reside in the South or visit from the North, have in common is the discussion of the weather. The Emerald Coast has given us plenty to talk about... READ MORE

  • Walton Snowbirds brave the elements for fun

    It’s quite unusual to see birds out after dark with the exception of the snowbirds of Walton County. This rare breed will brave the elements of driving rain, blustering winds and temperatures ... READ MORE

  • Snowbirds in Destin, Walton County set to battle it out

    Super Bowl Sunday would probably hold a little more excitement for the nearly 1,700 Walton County Snowbirds if say, perhaps, Green Bay or the Bears or the New England Patriots were participants. ... READ MORE

  • News from Walton snowbirds

    February is a welcome sight as it has brought milder temperatures along with the last wave of the Walton County Snowbird flock. We are strong in numbers with close to 2,000 members arriving at ... READ MORE

  • Snowbird Singers to perform 2 concerts

    You wonder if Grandma Moses’ offspring were as proud of her as the children and grandchildren of our Walton County Snowbird artists must be. Their display of dazzling and desirable art work at ... READ MORE

  • Walton snowbirds win the cup

    I’m reminiscent of the song Carol Burnett sang at the end of her television show: “Seems we just get started and before you know it, comes the time we have to say so long.” Although, we’re not ... READ MORE

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