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  • Keeping the Faith: How far is Heaven?

    Jesus never described the gospel as an escape hatch, whereby we can exchange his current world for a spiritual retreat far away. Never. Rather, his gospel was: “God’s kingdom is here! It is now! ... READ MORE

  • Keeping the Faith: Grace helps us walk on

    In ancient Jerusalem there was a pool of water called Bethesda. The location served as an impromptu hospital ward, a collection point for the sick, blind, and paralyzed. These infirmed went to ... READ MORE

  • Keeping the Faith: Get humble, get holy

    In the coming days, the world’s two billion Christians will begin celebrating Holy Week. This week, book-ended by the festive days of Palm Sunday that honors Jesus’ “triumphal entry” into ... READ MORE

  • KEEPING THE FAITH: Bad, good, and better news

    I have bad news. Researchers have confirmed that planet Earth is headed toward an apocalypse. Yes, I know that the Mayan calendar is in our rearview mirrors, and we have all returned to paying ... READ MORE

  • COLUMN: Easter and incomplete answers

    Special to The Log On Easter morning a Sunday school teacher began to quiz her class of young children about the real meaning of the day. She asked them, “What is Easter?” and the students were... READ MORE

  • Keeping the Faith: Blowin’ in the wind

    Now that Cardinal Jorge Mario Bergoglio has been installed as Pope Francis, I must say that I could not be happier with the papal conclave’s choice. Not that the College of Cardinals would bother... READ MORE

  • Keeping the Faith: The power of now

    There is a Zen parable about a man who surprised a sleeping tiger while walking through the jungle. The ferocious animal pursued the man, causing him to throw down his bag and walking stick, as ... READ MORE

  • KEEPING THE FAITH: Just hang on

    When I was a bit younger and a bit braver, a group of friends and I shot the rapids on the Ocoee River in southeast Tennessee. The Ocoee, which I think is the Cherokee word for “terrified rafter,... READ MORE

  • KEEPING THE FAITH: The wisdom of simplicity

    In Paulo Coelho’s brilliant little book, "The Alchemist," the author tells of a young lad sent by his father to a wise man to discover the secret of happiness. The wise man lived in a ... READ MORE

  • KEEPING THE FAITH: A saint goes marching in

    Years ago my oldest son asked me a question: “What is a saint?” When you’re driving along with a numb mind at day’s end, as I was, that’s not the type of question you are prepared to answer. So I... READ MORE

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