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  • KEEPING THE FAITH: Choose to be happy

    “There is something rotten in the state of Denmark.” That is a centuries old phrase from William Shakespeare’s masterpiece, “Hamlet.” Going back to your high school English class, you might ... READ MORE

  • KEEPING THE FAITH: A special welcome

    I’ve been involved in ministry or “church work” for more than two decades. Don’t let my youthful persona fool you; I’m now closer to drawing Social Security than I am to drawing Crayola inspired ... READ MORE

  • KEEPING THE FAITH: School’s out

    Curtain climbers. Yard monkeys. Cherubs. Whippersnappers. Ankle biters. Urchins. I don’t know what you call them, but our children have been turned loose on the world. School is out for summer (... READ MORE

  • COLUMN: Love in a grocery bag

    Special to The Log When I was a child my family lived hand to mouth. We were loved and we were cared for, but the cupboards were often bare. We ate a lot of Hamburger Helper in those days, with... READ MORE

  • KEEPING THE FAITH: Multitasking madness

    Beware of the multitasker. He or she isn’t being honest, for anyone who claims the ability to talk on the phone, surf the web, cook dinner, send a text message, balance the checkbook, and fly a ... READ MORE

  • KEEPING THE FAITH: Thanks Dad for wising up

    I’m writing this article while sitting in my father’s chair. You know the chair of which I speak. It is that ratty old recliner that occupies the living room, den, or man-cave that no guest or ... READ MORE

  • KEEPING THE FAITH: You have to trust somebody

    Whenever someone says, “Trust me,” I start looking for the door, or at least a wall to back up against. Experience has taught me that too much pain, too many betrayals, and too many knives in the... READ MORE

  • COLUMN: Join Jesus in His work

    Special to The Log I have been guilty at times of misleading the congregations to which I have spoken. Truth be told, every man or woman who has ever preached a sermon or led a church has been ... READ MORE

  • KEEPING THE FAITH: Mixing is a mistake

    Regardless of the particular denomination, most of this country’s churches are fiercely joined to American nationalism. On this Independence Day weekend you will likely find “God and Country” ... READ MORE

  • KEEPING THE FAITH: Catching up

    “Be sure your sins will find you out.” That’s what the Good Book says, and my mother quoted those words to me a lot while I was growing up. In fact, she once arranged for the public demonstration... READ MORE

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