Andi Zack-Johnson and her husband Ken are from Nashville and as true music people from a music town do, they have created Huck & Lilly, Seaside's musical duo for children, who in turn created the album "There's a Tree Growing in My Room."

The record started out as a fun project to make music for the couple's nieces and nephews that turned into something other people wanted.

Andi plays ukulele and Ken plays guitar and they have performed with bands in Nashville where they were both staff songwriters and have gotten cuts on pop and country records.

Since moving to Seagrove more than a year ago, the couple has performed at the Seaside Amphitheater for young audiences with an invisible band that they play along to.

"We love it here and came here all the time and wanted to retire here. We just moved it up," said Andi. "We found that kids don't care about a band. They just want to dance."

Originally from British Columbia and Birmingham, the Johnsons lived in Nashville for 15 years.

The Huck & Lilly name came to the couple as they were sitting in a house they rented on 30A to write songs that are on the record.

"We decided not to use our real names because we're known in Nashville as professional songwriters and didn't want to confuse anyone," said Andi. "We thought of Huck for Ken because his favorite story as a child was Huckleberry Finn, and I picked Lilly because it's my favorite flower. We thought Huck & Lilly had a good ring to it."

The album is an imaginative labor of love, written, produced and performed by the Johnsons, along with multi-Grammy and Dove award-winning producer Skidd Mills.

There is an array of different character voices, harmonies, humorous and heartwarming stories, as well as a variety of instrumentation on the album. It features 10 songs that make up a whimsical and entertaining journey of music for kids ages 2-11 presented by a colorful cast of characters.

Its title track has recently been added to Sirius XM's radio station's Kid's Place Live.

In addition to songwriting, you may also catch up with the Johnsons on the "I Love Kellie Pickler" show on CMT as they are cast members.

"She's my best friend," Andi said of Pickler. "Ken cooks on the show."

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Ken's cooking blog can be found at He is the cook at their supper clubs on the show.