You should not have missed the Emerging Designers’ runway shows at South Walton Fashion Week on Thursday night, seriously.

The talent was eminent.

It’s a good thing we have the rundown. Below are five things you missed at South Walton Fashion Week on Thursday night.

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1. The headwear

The headgear during South Walton Fashion Week’s Emerging Designers runway shows was on-point. OKO Apparel ruled the runway in gold, glittery football helmets, snorkels and feather helmets. It was eye-catching in a way that managed to complement the brand’s three clothing genres: beach, fitness and life. The sparkly football helmets gave athleisure clothing an appropriate touch of glamour.

 2. The accessories

Every runway show Thursday night had some sort of accessory. Sunglasses, hats, masks and skateboards all made equally important appearances as the clothing. Richelle Valenzuela’s designs did not slide by anyone, as they were accompanied with skateboards and long boards.

Designer Amanda Valentine ended the night with various shapes and shades of chic sunglasses reminiscent of the 1970s.

 3. The music

Nothing gets a runway show going like a fast-paced, hard-hitting song.

I was impressed with how the music behind Mary Ellen Dimauro’s beach-inspired collection was both high-energy and calm.

The evening ended powerfully on the heavy bass notes behind Amanda Valentine’s runway show.

 4. The swimwear

OKO Apparel was the only designer Thursday night who brought swimwear.

The primarily black swimwear line didn’t disappoint. It featured off-the-shoulder bikini tops and modern one-pieces that would stand out on any beach in Florida.

 5. The clothing

It seems obvious, but these emerging designers are nothing to scoff at.

Ricky Lindsay’s whimsical, butterfly-inspired gowns took my breath away. I was also impressed with Sloane Lenz’s visionary collection. It was edgy, vintage and plain cool.

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