Driftwood Pointe resident Alan Osborne believes that speaking out in Walton County could be dangerous.

The evening of April 14, his home in the Driftwood Pointe community on the Choctawhatchee Bay was shot into. His family was there when the incident occurred and they heard a noise, but it was not until the next morning that they realized what happened.

The front pane-glass window would have most likely been shattered if not for it being hurricane glass.

The resulting damage cost about $2,000 to repair.

The incident was referred to on the Walton County Sheriff's Office's incident report as criminal mischief.

Osborne stated that around 11 p.m. his son heard a loud noise that made the dogs start barking. He said he found pellets from an air rifle under the window the next morning. The shots also hit his front column.

The house is set back off the road with no neighbors close by who would have been able to see anything and there are no cameras on the property.

Osborne told officers he believes the culprit might be someone one of the developers in the neighborhood hired to do this because he spoke out against them recently. He said stuff like this seems to happen after he speaks out against developers.

"Over the last 12 years stuff like this has happened four or five times," he told The Sun. "I'm tired of it. All I have done is tell the truth. I guess somebody thought I needed my windows broken.

"A few people suggested it was unruly spring breakers," Osborne added. "I live 300 feet off the road and you can't even see where the house was shot and it's about 4 miles from 98 on a road that dead ends. Somebody had to come through the woods to do it. The same people that believe that also believe the Sandestin NOPC hearings were legit and Mark Davis quit being the county attorney for 'better' career opportunities. I will continue to write and advocate for better government in South Walton. What we have now is a travesty."