Hidden away in a little house off Arbor Lane in Grayton Beach is a rock-star hairstylist that not everyone knows about.

Before succumbing to the allure of the Emerald Coast beaches, Scott Taylor was a stylist to the stars in Hollywood and Nashville. His portfolio houses pictures of many of them, and more photos adorn the walls at his studio -- Taylor By The Sea.

Stars such as Barbara Walters, Leeza Gibbons, Vicki Lawrence, Rose Marie, Frankie Avalon, Sharon Stone, Kathy Bates, Madonna, and Marisa Tomei. Taylor was the stylist for "The Young and the Restless" for several years, and did Walters' hair for all her specials. He was head stylist for the Academy Awards for three years.

Memories of the Academy Awards days hang on the walls of his salon, as well as awards from Nashville's Best of City Search.

Searching for a more peaceful lifestyle, Taylor relocated to the place he vacationed and opened Taylor By The Sea in November 2012.

Growing up in Hollywood, Taylor said his passion for styling hair came out of nowhere.

"I went from being a running back in high school to a gunman in the Navy to construction work to styling hair," he said with a laugh.

Taylor tells stories about the Hollywood days as he works his magic on a clients' hair.

When queried as to which star might be his favorite to work with, Taylor's answer comes quickly: "Barbara Walters, hands down," he said unequivocally. "I did her hair for many years and was with her through the O.J. Simpson trial. Ron Goldman's sister was also a client of mine at that time.

"Barbara Walters was real and personable. She liked me and gave me a lot of opportunities. She didn't forget me at Christmas or on birthdays."

And, when asked which was his least favorite star to work with, Taylor's answer comes just as quickly: "Rosie O'Donnell was the worst on many levels," he said.

While working with the stars Taylor developed his own line of hair products to help hair that is colored and styled. His line of shampoos and conditioners are herbal infused and designed for color-treated hair, but helps all.

"It changes the texture of your hair," he said.

Taylor works alone at his salon and has done little advertising. Most of his clients come to him by word of mouth, and he works by appointment only.

Visit Taylor By The Sea on Facebook, at scotttaylorsalon.net or call 231-0605 for an appointment.