DeFUNIAK SPRINGS – The State Attorney’s Office is investigating “multiple complaints” of financial mismanagement within DeFuniak Springs city government.

First Judicial Circuit State Attorney Bill Eddins announced Tuesday morning his office has launched a preliminary review of the city’s “financial operations.”

Complaints received “include questions about delays in filing the proper paperwork to receive sales tax money from the state in a timely fashion,” Eddins said.

City Attorney Clayton Adkinson filed a report June 6 notifying the DeFuniak Springs governing board that the city had lost nearly $221,000 in the last two years by failing to file state required audits and annual financial reports on time.

The investigation will be led by Assistant State Attorney Clifton Drake and overseen by Greg Anchors, the chief assistant state attorney in Walton County, Eddins said. It could take “several weeks or months” to complete.

“Because of the nature of the complaints multiple witnesses will be interviewed and financial and other records will be obtained,” Eddins said.

Eddins said his office will decide after the initial investigation is completed whether further action is warranted.

“It’s possible we will simply file a report, as we have done in the past, but it’s also possible at the conclusion of the investigation we will announce our intention to present information to a grand jury,” he said.