The fourth annual People's Choice Competition, hosted by the American Institute of Architecture (AIA) Florida and the Florida Foundation for Architecture (FFA), gave Florida residents and people from around the world the chance to weigh-in on their favorite Florida building. The competition highlights the work of Florida's architects who help meet the needs of the community through innovative building design. The nominated buildings included hospitals, historic renovations, restaurants, schools and other public buildings.

“The annual People’s Choice Awards highlights the value of great design in our communities and puts a spotlight on architecture that represents more than just four walls and a roof,” said Joyce Owens, president of AIA Florida. “The buildings nominated represent unique places in our communities that may inspire and infuse wonder or they may evoke a sense of comfort and calm, but they are all designed by architects.”

Since the competition opened on June 28, more than 5.6 million votes poured in from the United States and 21 other countries around the world. With the top five spots in a constant state of flux, the competition was fierce until the voting closed at midnight, July 28. The winner was announced during the 2017 AIA Florida Convention on July 29 at the Florida/Caribbean Design and Honor award ceremony. The top five buildings were as follows:

• Call-Collins House at The Grove restored by MLD Architects with 2,132,281 votes.

• The Hub by DAG Architects with 1,336,577 votes.

• Bryan Glazer JCC by FleischmanGarcia with 1,130,643 votes.

• Historic Hampton House Restoration and Adaptive Reuse restored by Gurri-Matute Architects with 781,903 votes.

• Pasco County Utilities Administration Building by FleischmanGarcia with 85,238 votes.

Although The Hub did not end up victorious, this is a feat that the community should be very proud of.

“We are incredibly excited and fortunate to have been included in the AIA Florida People’s Choice Awards,” said Brad Zeitlin, managing partner of Woodford Capital. “With over 5 million votes cast, we’re proud to have taken second place with the phenomenal team that was involved in designing The Hub. DAG Architects and Lew Oliver, along with developer/owners Woodford Capital and Comer Companies, designed The Hub as an everyday festival venue with several components of enjoyment.

"A beautiful stage for live music, a 25-foot Jumbotron for movie nights and sports viewing, several restaurants and a shopping village are all brought together to create a place people love — and where families and friends come together to create memories," he added. "Our design team met the true test of placemaking — votes from the people to say that they love it! Thanks to all who voted and who enjoy visiting The Hub.”