Reader says: Let the people pay taxes that are fair! We want to pay them! Tax all earnings — period!

Once upon a time there was no income tax ... did you get that? No income tax.

In 1913 the 16th Amendment was passed, making income tax official. It was then legal for the government to make you do something against your will in the land of freedom.

Today there is governmental intrusion into almost all of our lives, for the so-called good of some and to the detriment of others. With the IRS scandal, we must go to an all-inclusive flat rate taxation with no exceptions. No write offs can be allowed — period! A 10 percent tax should be the goal to attain, but start with 13 percent to maintain our needs and cull the spendthrift special interest groups until we obtain a level that is in balance with the status quo.

We must also have a balanced budget or we will crumble into a worldwide monetary collapse sooner than you might realize.

There is no freedom in a partially free society, only socialism or something like it. If it were left up to me, I would outlaw all groups trying to influence our elected officials, no matter who they are or what group they claim to support.

Let the people pay taxes that are fair! We want to pay them! Tax all earnings — period! No matter what the reason! If we did this there would be no problem other than waste. That’s another story.

We all know how mad we get when bullies gang up against us. Look at what has happened to the bottom line. Those bullies have the biggest voice and have created a caustic situation in the payment and collection of taxes. Sometimes the only way to see a problem is to strip away the covering.

I say let’s strip it completely. Call an ace an ace and a thief a thief. Look at these things before we lose what we not only should have had, but what we have now. I don’t want my grandchildren to have their gold confiscated (stolen), as previously done, or property split up between those who have not, as might happen if certain groups have their way. I want them to work for what they get and be free to pay what they owe for the privilege of being an American, and to support good government.

In reality we are all the same around the world, as a people that is. We want those things that we hold as truths to be self-evident. But we need a leader who will look out for freedom and what is best for people rather than corporations.

Before you think I’ve lost my marbles, no, I don’t advocate the liberal agenda or socialism. Far from it.

We need relief from special interest groups. We need leadership that is strong enough in character to lead us back to reasonable and sound economic principles and good government, not leaders who are looking out for themselves, not us.

This guest column was written by Robbie L. Rogers, who lives in Santa Rosa Beach.