The dark clouds over Northwest Florida mean rain, but the panhandle will be spared the worst of Harvey.

Meteorologist Don Shepherd with the National Weather Service in Mobile said the storm is currently drifting southeast around the Texas/Louisiana border but will turn to the northeast.

"It will move up into Arkansas. We'll see a little rain action but nothing like Texas," he said. "It should stay well to our west."

As of Monday evening, flash flood warnings were still in effect for the Houston area. Shepherd said the Northwest Florida area should see about 3 to 5 inches of rain in the next few days.

"We will be seeing some rain through Thursday night," he said. "There is flash food watch for Baldwin County and Pensacola right now. We could see it extended to the east."

As the weather changes, Shepherd said there could be a "moderate risk" of rip currents. If you plan to head to the beach, pay close attention to the safety flags.

The Southeast has also been paying attention to a potential storm system that is developing off the coast in Georgia. The National Hurricane Center has given the storm a "high chance" of forming into a tropical depression, according to the National Weather Service. The next name for a storm in the Atlantic would be Irma.

Shepherd said the possible storm will not be a threat to the local area.

"The storm is supposed to makes its way up into the Carolinas," he said. "We're just situated between the two systems."