Walton County Tax Collector Rhonda Skipper was presented with the Excellence in Finance Operations Legacy Award by the Florida Tax Collector’s Association at the Fall Education Forum last month. The award recognizes offices who have achieved innovation, customer focus, a well-managed budget and clean audit in the finance operations of the office and who previously were recognized with the Excellence in Finance Operations Award.

“We have a fantastic finance team that works diligently to ensure we are innovating in our daily work processes to reduce redundancy and ensure accuracy,” said Tax Collector Rhonda Skipper. “Finance Director Nathan Thomas and Finance Officer Troy Dupree ensure every penny is accounted for and accounts are balanced daily. Our team is very proud of them and they are very deserving of this recognition.”

A five-person judging panel made up of government financial executives from throughout Florida reviewed the Tax Collector’s processes as related to the four areas of competency.

“The Legacy Award is one of the highest achievements the Florida Tax Collector’s Association can award a local Tax Collector,” said Florida Tax Collectors Inc. Past-President Lisa Cullen of Brevard County. “The judging process was arduous and included a detailed review of the financial functions of the Tax Collector’s Office. I am very proud to say that Honorable Rhonda Skipper has earned the designation. She represents the very top echelon of elected officials.”

Previously, Skipper earned the Excellence in Financial Operations Award after demonstrating proficiency in four areas of expertise: Innovation & Automation; a Clean Annual Audit Report; Customer Focus; and Budgeting. For the 2017 Legacy Award, Skipper demonstrated that her office had further enhanced its financial operations by automating a routine yet complex process of distributing funds of redeemed tax certificates to the individual tax certificate holders. The automation drastically reduced processing time and enhanced the security of tax certificate holder’s electronic data.

“The citizens of Walton County can be very proud of Honorable Rhonda Skipper for the award-winning manner in which she operates the Tax Collector’s Office,” said Eric Zwayer, the past-president of FTCA. “The panelists’ review of her office went far and above reviewing her perfect audit report. The review included methods utilized by Ms. Skipper to deliver service to the people she serves and consideration of the technological innovations she has developed and put into place.”