Artist Kathleen Broaderick's work has been getting a lot of notice lately, from being juried in to the Foster Gallery exhibits three times in the past year to now opening her own gallery -- CHROMA.

Chroma is an art term that refers to the intensity of a color.

"I love that," said Broaderick. "My art has a lot of intense color, so it seemed a good match."

Broaderick described her gallery as small, but she said it packs a punch and it's filled with her original artwork.

To assist with that punch, Broaderick chose to paint the walls of the gallery white to help her colorful artwork stand out.

"I tried to make it distinctive," she said.

The gallery space is in the front and in the back is her studio where she paints every morning and teaches classes. She will teach one or two classes a month for 8-12 students. She said she will not take more in a class as it needs to be a small, social environment. She has two classes scheduled in October during which students will create a rooster, then a fish.

"I get a lot of calls for roosters," she said.

In November she will teach her technique and students will then take home a piece of artwork they created at the end of the day.

"I dreamed of creating an environment where guests would feel comfortable expressing themselves creatively, and I am thrilled to be able to share my techniques with fellow art lovers who also find joy in art," Broaderick said.

Broaderick has been an artist/hobbiest for many years, but a professional artist for only three years.

Many years of taking art classes while raising her sons helped land the communications major a job as an art teacher at an elementary school that she enjoyed for two years before choosing to become a professional artist.

"Being able to give lessons in my own studio now is wonderful," she said.

Broaderick moved to the Gulf Coast 17 years ago and lived most of those years in Niceville, but now lives in Miramar Beach.

She paints using oils and acrylics, but mostly oils for her work. However, Broaderick uses acrylics in her teaching as it dries quicker.

Both of these mediums are a deviation from her start with watercolors.

"I loved the transparency and luminosity of watercolor and there is still a lot of watercolor in me. It comes out in my paintings in mixing of colors for interesting effects," said Broaderick. "I try to stay loose with the bold brushstrokes and fresh with clean color. I am not so concerned with delineating the details or exact colors of the subject as I am creating a beautiful impression of it."

Broaderick said her painting process starts long before her brush touches the canvas.

"Once I am excited about a subject I think about it for a few days generating ideas and color combinations," Broaderick said. "I may even get a clear picture in my head of the final painting. It's a good sign if I can't wait to go to sleep at night so I can get up and actualize my vision."

These interesting effects make the artist's work stand out. She has won student awards, honorable mentions, and she won the Mattie Kelly Arts Foundation poster contest last year and an award of merit. Her most recent honor was being chosen by Ballard Designs to be their exclusive artist.

A year after Broaderick's initial contact with Ballard, three of her paintings have been included in their catalogue and stores where they can be purchased as giclee prints.

"It was a surprise to see my rooster painting on the cover of the August 2017 issue," said Broaderick. "I had to paint larger than I have before."

Her paintings have also been featured on Ballard Design's Instagram account.

She recently visited their flagship store and saw her paintings and met the staff.

Broaderick's single-session classes are two and a half hours long. All supplies are provided, including canvases, paint, brushes, and instruction. Wine and snacks are welcome and experience is not required. Cost for each single session class is $75.

On Oct. 23 and 24 she will do a demo painting each morning with students painting in the afternoon. The fee is $250 per person.

To register for classes and workshops, visit or call 844-524-7662.

CHROMA is located near Blue Mountain Beach next to Goat Feathers. Visit Broaderick's website at She is available by appointment.