DEFUNIAK SPRINGS — Approximately 150 people gathered in the DeFuniak Springs Community Center on Tuesday night to discuss recent tragedies and how to deal with potential threats.

“Run, hide, fight and a plan to act is the biggest takeaway we hope our citizens learned from our discussion,” Police Chief Mark Weeks said.

The forum offered suggestions to church groups and business owners about what to do if a shooter invades their buildings. Weeks suggested creating a plan, which is a starting point in preparing for the unexpected. Other suggestions included role playing for different scenarios and practicing the plan regularly.

Law enforcement also can partner with groups or businesses to help train and offer suggestions. Additionally, DeFuniak Springs Police offered to perform a site survey of the facility and offer security suggestions.

“We appreciate our citizens coming out and having a discussion with us on this very real topic. We want our citizens, churches, and businesses to know we are here to help them,” said Weeks.