Arbor Wealth Management sees growing trend among new clients

Published: Tuesday, January 15, 2013 at 04:49 PM.

Arbor Wealth:  Constantly. They say, “I used to enjoy doing this, but it’s become more complicated and difficult now,” or “I just don’t want to do this anymore. I want to turn it over to someone I trust.” Or, “I know how much work it is to do it right, because I did it for 25 years. You take it over now.”


Question:  How has the investment landscape grown more complicated?

Arbor Wealth:  In many ways, but let’s just focus on yield. It’s still available, but you have to look so much harder and know so much more to find it. In the 90’s, you could practically throw a dart at the Dow and make money. Now, we’ve entered what we believe is a long-term secular bear market, an extended low-returns environment. And, it’s not enough anymore, in our opinion, to buy and hold a broad index fund, because you’ve got to take the laggards with the leaders, and the laggards will diminish your return. You’ve got to be selective in your choices of securities, and that means maintaining expert knowledge of a dynamic investment landscape.


Question:  How has the 2008 meltdown changed the investment environment?

Arbor Wealth: It has driven many investors to seek only dividend payers, something we have been focusing on for years. The Wall Street Journal interviewed us recently about our use of dividend-payers. Getting paid from your investments is a virtual mantra at our firm. So regardless of which way the market moves, you still get paid. For many clients, it’s income first and then growth. We also have clients who want 100 percent growth and do not require income.

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