BUZ LIVINGSTON: Debt vigilantes take heed

Published: Sunday, February 17, 2013 at 10:25 AM.

Americans can’t avoid the constant drumbeat regarding our country’s debt. Rex Nutting recently offered a contrarian view in Marketwatch/Wall Street Journal Online arguing unemployment, climate change, infrastructure needs, income inequality and the influence of money in politics overshadows the national deficit.

I disagree with his contention but when the safeties walk up to stop the run, someone is open deep.

After a four-year recovery, 18 million-plus Americans still want a job. Never in my life have unemployment levels been so high for so long. Unemployment tears at the fabric of society, like machines people left idle get rusty.  Imagine the progress if Congress fought unemployment as hard as they fight about the budget.  The No. 1 job of Congress should be to foster employment.

Yes Virginia, climate change is real. When more than 90 percent of scientists agree it’s called a fact. While laws of men control our deficit, physics govern climate change. 

Doubters should look to the east, BANG, the Apalachicola estuary has collapsed, taking along the country’s finest oysters. An ongoing drought coupled with increased demand from metro Atlanta urbanization and South Georgia agriculture caused the decline. 

Climate change also increases the chances of more powerful tropical storms; Floridians, including Oysterman Rick, should pay attention.

We have to address our crumbling infrastructure; bridges should not fall in America. The American Society of Civil Engineers estimates over the next decade our inadequate infrastructure will cost the economy more than $3 trillion or more than $28,000 per household.

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