COLUMN: Are you Biopheelin’ it?

Special to The Sun
Published: Thursday, March 14, 2013 at 04:39 PM.


The grass blades are easy to push to either side, but there are so many of them. The closer the Southern Toad gets to his destination the more crowded the grass becomes. 

He knows that an open, grey, easy path is awaiting him. Finally, he pushes through with all of his might. It’s like coming out of a car wash when the dryer is blowing and squeezing until you pop out of the tunnel. 

Ahhh, sidewalk. Open space, warm concrete and the setting sun. Relaxation. A toad’s favorite getaway. 

Change scenes. You have never seen a sunset so vibrant with color. It’s amazing how quickly those colors disappear and the darkness creeps in. The time has come to point your beach cruiser home and enjoy the ride with each easy push of the pedal.

“What is that on the sidewalk?” You squint and lean forward trying to make out the shadow of the blob in front of your front tire as you slowly decelerate. 

A last ditch effort of one ill-fated jerk of the handlebars leaves you face down with a cream-colored bicycle resting on your back.  As you lay there, wondering if anyone caught that on video, you see that the brown, bumpy, plump toad hasn’t moved a muscle.  This makes you smile.

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