COLUMN: Economic stagnation through regulation and litigation

Published: Thursday, June 20, 2013 at 04:40 PM.

CHATTANOOGA , TENN. — Dollar stores have done more to keep down what we pay for basic goods and helped more struggling families than any government action ever has. For that, and because they are based in the South, Obama’s O-bots in the EEOC (Equal Employment Opportunity Commission) are going after them.

Stores like Walmart and Dollar General often operate in under-served areas of town, sell staples at great prices, and hire Greatest Generation veterans to be greeters in vests. These are men who stopped the march of Hitler in WWII but who cannot slow the stampede of women for a waffle iron sale when the doors open on Black Friday.

My uncle Mac says he prefers Dollar General because he “does not like having to get all dressed up to go to Walmart.” People going into dollar stores and buying larger size clothes have been the only thing keeping the economy going for the last four years.

A high school buddy sent me an email saying the EEOC was suing Dollar General for performing criminal background checks on prospective employees. I thought it was such outlandish Internet misinformation and did not even try to verify it via Snopes. It turned out to be true.

The EEOC suit alleges that, by performing background checks for convictions for murder, assault and battery, rape, child or spousal abuse, and manufacturing of drugs, Dollar General is "racist." It says because African-Americans have higher conviction rates than whites, background checks are discriminatory.

Thus, according to the EEOC, it’s a great idea to put a guy in charge of the Sudafed aisle who was convicted of cooking meth in his community. And what could go wrong with letting a convicted pedophile man the toy department? If he does well, promote him to boys' underwear.

The premise of the EEOC suit is that 10 percent of blacks and 7 percent of whites failed the retailer’s criminal screening, and that scant three percent is a “gross disparity” and “statistically significant.” So the "racist" arrest and prosecution levels of blacks versus whites is something that the government (which arrests and prosecutes) seeks to remedy by suing a private business?

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