COLUMN: Sequestration drama queens and the 2.2 percent cut

Published: Thursday, February 28, 2013 at 04:11 PM.

A recent federal study revealed that billions of taxpayer dollars could be saved in D.C. by eliminating many overlapping and duplicate programs. When he read this report, Obama probably ordered another study to look into it.

Our government loves to leave us at the mercy of one manufactured crisis after another. The lack of transparency makes it almost impossible to follow our money. For example, the administration probably budgeted the pending war with North Korea under "Office Supplies."

The amount of money Washington spends is staggering.  In truth, the government could not run a church bake sale. The U.S. Postal Service, which hemorrhages cash, hired Lance Armstrong and paid him millions. Now they want to open a mail-order line of postal clothing outfits. If you want to receive haute couture U.S.Postal-wear on time, I suggest you have your order sent via Fed-Ex.

There is a huge party going on in Washington — financed with our money. The Democrats want to continue to party until the cops bang on the door; then they will all run out the back door while blaming the Republicans.

This "crisis" has been coming for a year, ever since Obama cynically proposed sequestration to push the fiscal cliff beyond his November election. He has barely spoken to House Speaker Boehner in weeks. Republicans are right: Obama is “all talk and no action,” or, as I call it, high school dating.

Democrats politicize everything with cheap threats to the taxpayers if their agencies’ budgets suffer even slight cuts. If Republicans want to get our budget “out of the red and into the black,” Democrats will say this is a veiled racial attack on Native- and African-Americans. They cannot move past the drama to actually govern.

If blame is placed on those Republicans firmly adhering to their principles, so be it. Should Republicans not maintain their insurrection more than four hours, they should consult Dr. Ron Paul.

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