HART: Ferguson, and what it teaches African-American youth

Published: Thursday, August 28, 2014 at 12:33 PM.

In the aftermath of the robbery, assault, and then police shooting of Michael Brown in Ferguson , Mo. , I can offer some advice: Be sure not to forget to also steal those AAA batteries for the flat-screen remote. It is frustrating to get home and not have them. Then you just have to turn around and go back to the convenience store, where they are expensive, and choke a hapless clerk to get your batteries.

To be fair, at least when you loot a TV you don’t have to fight off that store clerk’s hard sell, hot boxing you into buying the extended warranty.

Police shootings are not a major issue. There were 12 million total arrests in the United States in 2012 and, according to FBI statistics, there were only 420 police shootings during those 12 million arrests. The highest percent of those shot, 42 percent, were white. Blacks were 32 percent and Hispanics 20 percent — about in line with crimes committed. But shootings only happened in .000035 percent of arrests. It is not a “crisis.”

We WASPY Presbyterians run a higher risk of getting shot during a police raid because we won’t raise our hands into the air for fear our friends might see us and think we pray that way.

Police are not targeting black males. My father was a policeman.  Do you really think he wanted to go into neighborhoods infested with crime, gangs and drugs to arrest someone? Would you? If there is a problem (and it may be a reason crime is high in these areas), it is that police are not aggressive enough because they fear for their own lives and being persecuted by a leftist media and race-hatred merchants.

Ninety nine percent of the protestors were not from Ferguson . Many were white college kids burnishing their liberal creds to impress their professors. The Feds would not shoot them because they owe the government at least $90k each in student loans, and they wouldn’t let the students off the hook that easily. The imported whites organized protests and the locals looted, just to prove that the races actually can work together.

Let’s review the reality of Ferguson and the lingering economic impact of government dependence, looting and crime in such neighborhoods.

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