HART: Obama administration’s selective prosecution of opponents

Published: Tuesday, July 1, 2014 at 03:50 PM.

If a customer gambled on an outcome with the low odds the Justice Department had in this case, Adelson would have his casino send a plane for him.

The Haslam Family of Tennessee : Republican Governor Bill Haslam’s family gas station business was ceremoniously raided by the Feds (FBI and IRS) last year.

Gov. Bob McDonnell: A rare GOP governor in Virginia, McDonnell was prosecuted by the Feds because his wife supposedly accepted small gifts from a businessman. The government “stretched the law to the breaking point” to bring this suit, said an attorney involved.

Gov. Scott Walker: One of the rising stars in the GOP, who fought abusive unions in Wisconsin and survived a recall election they manufactured in 2012, is being hassled by the Feds. According to that paragon of honesty, the most reverend Al “Tawana Brawley” Sharpton, said on PMSNBC that Walker is the “center of a nationwide criminal scheme.”

This is the same Honest Al Sharpton who had to admit to being a New York mob informant. I am not sure what made the mafia think Sharpton would honor any Oath of Silence. Sharpton says he is not worried about mob retribution, but he does ask his driver to turn town the bass in his Denali as they roll through Little Italy.

There is no way that the above dubious prosecutions of various conservatives are just chance. And all these examples do not count the abuse of power when Fox News correspondent James Rosen's phones and emails were tapped. As were his parents. Plus the non-prosecutions of Democrats like James Clapper, who ball-face lied to Congress saying the NSA was not spying on us. Why didn’t Holder prosecute him?

The Democrats are in the majority and have been since 2008. Would you not think there would be an equal number of high profile Democrats prosecuted by the DOJ?

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