Lets keep Weiner in the privates sector

Published: Thursday, April 25, 2013 at 04:47 PM.

Anthony Weiner clearly loved cameras, especially cell phone cameras, entirely too much. In his spare time he enjoyed shoving his cell phone down his pants and taking pictures. Then, and here is where it gets weird, he would send them to random women online: an exotic dancer, an unwed mother, and a blackjack dealer — or, as they call it in Queens , the "circle of life."

At first Weiner said his Twitter account had been hacked and that he did not send the pictures, but he was going to look into it and would get back to us with his findings. He tried to elevate himself to the highest honor a Democrat can bestow upon himself: victimhood. Borrowing a line from his mentor, Bill Clinton , Weiner's defense was “I did not have text-ual relations with that woman.”

In fairness to Weiner, this could all have been a misunderstanding. He was told during his briefing as a freshman House member that Congressmen could mail their packages to people for free.

Weiner is polling well. He is even second in the race now to succeed Mayor Bloomberg. He has $4.3 mil in campaign money, and public matching funds could add $1.5 mil to his creepy coffers. He will be formidable. Only in politics can a disgraced congressman get to keep that kind of money.

Even more charming is the fact that three of his fund-raising donors, such solid citizens all, have been charged with felonies ranging from bribing a state senator to running a Ponzi scheme. Only in liberal, Northern, big-city politics can such a candidate with so much baggage even think about a comeback. Maybe fellow New Yorker, Rep. Charlie Rangel, can advise him.

When politicians like Weiner with no experience outside of government come up through the ranks on either side, we should be eternally suspicious. Once de-frocked, they find little demand in the private sector (especially demand for someone who got in trouble with his own private sector); they have no marketable skills.

I guess Weiner could be a greeter at Walmart, but no customers want to see someone that happy to see them.

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