LETTER: An Easter act of kindness

Published: Thursday, May 1, 2014 at 11:20 AM.

On this Easter Sunday I am smiling and thankful as I think back on what happened a week ago on Saturday, the 12th.  I was in my front yard that beautiful sunny afternoon when this guy walks up and says "I found your wallet on 30-A".  

I couldn’t quite grasp the words as I hadn’t been on 30-A, my wallet wasn’t missing, and as I was feeling for it in my back pocket he held it up in his hand. In the brief exchange that followed I learned he was on his Harley riding with friends and happened to see it on the side of the road.  He looked up the address on my driver’s license and brought it over to the house.  I say brief because he said "well, have a nice day" and walked off before I could even catch his name as I was too stunned and still trying to understand what had just happened.  

Just then my wife pulls up in the driveway after a trip to Publix.  As I am incredulously telling her the story and trying to figure it out we notice my car keys on the hood of her car. What?! Turns out I had placed and then forgotten my wallet and keys there earlier that day upon returning and unloading from the beach. The keys somehow survived the journey to and from the store; of course the wallet did not.  

I want to say a huge Thank You to this person and I hope he reads The Sun and sees this. He did say he was plumber and was from Panama City . My 14-year-old son even said he has a little more faith in mankind after hearing the story.  So do I. Thanks again,


Rick Barry


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