RON HART: Al-Gore-Jazeera and his global gouging

Published: Sunday, January 20, 2013 at 05:03 PM.

The creepy signs were there: the embarrassing kiss of wife Tipper on stage then their divorce. When Al would hug a tree, he would grope and linger way too long.

He was ticketed in Sweden for leaving his limo running during a speech on global warming. If the globe-trotting Gore wanted to reduce his Sasquatch-sized carbon footprint, he would do more by conference calls from his huge, energy-inefficient home in Nashville.

I grew up near Carthage, Tenn., Gore’s hometown, and served on the Tennessee Board of Regents. Even then he was disliked, groomed solely for politics by his U.S. Senator daddy, who got him a cushy Vietnam-resume builder stint as a journalist. He took classes at Memphis State University and Vanderbilt to cover his political bases so he could run statewide.

Let us not forget other disgraced Democrat "luminaries" from just the past few years. DNC spokesman Anthony Weiner got in trouble for exposing same. VP Joe “Crest Strips” Biden called Democrat Senator Jon Corzine “the smartest guy I know in terms of the economy.” Corzine later looted customers’ accounts while leading MF Global into bankruptcy. Then there was VP nominee, maudlin plaintiff’s attorney and divisive Mr. “Two Americas,” Sen. John Edwards.

Most liberal Democrats start out with the high-minded and false premise of moral superiority and then set about enriching themselves and harming others via the body politic. Gore maintains that he is single-handedly saving the planet, but feared that, when Tipper divorced him, he might only have enough money to save half the world.

But to his credit, he got back on his crony capitalist horse and resumed shaking down corporate America. Google got Gore on board to buy political protection from the Dems.

Global warming is the religion of the secular left, and Gore is their god. As is true with most religious zealots, no one can prove or disprove their dogma. They attack you personally if you try and attempt to win arguments by intimidation rather than facts.

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