RON HART: Day-O: Daylight come and I wanna go home

Published: Thursday, December 20, 2012 at 06:29 PM.

Soccer abounds in St. Lucia, always a sure sign that a country is probably not very good.

Industry came to St. Lucia in the mid-twentieth century and, to paraphrase P.J. O’Rourke, has since left.  The island gained independence from Great Britain in 1979 and the United Labour Party took over. It is a classic, Belafonte-esque utopia where poverty stricken citizens are ruled by entrenched, crooked politicians — the kind of country that would be in Obama’s "I Have a Dream" speech. Anytime political parties with “United, Labor or The People’s” in their name get in power, the country rapidly goes downhill.

The French and the English fought over St Lucia 14 times; each won seven times and lost seven. I’d like to see a rubber game aired on Pay-Per-View. My guess is France actually won the last war and stuck Great Britain with the bill by giving them the island. It would be like planting one's flag on a condemned building. The island’s main exports are poverty, despair and HIV. It is the only island where shoplifters complain about pickpockets to the corrupt police and get an immediate ruling.

We did get talked into going whale watching, which was really just like a big group of tourist on a boat becoming increasingly disappointed.

Like most countries, the best elements are those where free-market practitioners are allowed to flourish. People who own their own boat or taxi are quite pleasant and likable. Unlike Americans, they actually do not expect to be taken care of by their government and are not preconditioned mooch off of the work of others. These people seem to get along well together. I saw two locals sharing a cab. One got the tires and the other got the battery.

Enemies of the government are punished and the voices of opposition are squelched. To Belafonte and other liberals, it is nirvana of trickle-up poverty where there are no wealthy left to tax. "Thought Police" control opposition in an Orwellian, Big Brother world where a political dissident, found with a tire around his head that had been set on fire with gasoline and dragged though the town square, is ruled to have died of "natural causes.”

Belafonte did not respond to my requests for comment, mainly because I did not make any. Yet he and his liberal cohorts will continue to serve as “useful idiots” in the movement afoot to push America toward a socialist utopia, which is easy to sell in the name of “fairness and equality.”

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