RON HART: GOP's feckless response to debt ceiling opportunity

Published: Sunday, January 27, 2013 at 04:30 PM.

MIAMI — It is an awful time of year. The Atlanta Falcons were eliminated from the NFL playoffs and Congress goes back to “work.” Then we had to endure President Obama taking the Hypocrite's Oath during his second inauguration.

What our government in Washington is doing to us with its spending is so criminal that Harry Reid should post a lookout when he calls the Senate back into session.

The upcoming debt ceiling vote would be a great time to cut out-of-control spending. Yet the Republicans, in disarray, cannot coalesce around their principles; they appear to be caving in on requiring that raising the debt ceiling be contingent on real spending cuts.

The people running the balance sheet and finances of our great country are the most opportunistic and financially inept in the U.S. They spend their lives spending other people’s money rather than their own.  If you are financially illiterate, Washington, D.C., is the best place to be. There is safety in numbers.

Politicians are like pigs at a trough; they will eat everything there, no matter how little or how much. If we give them the credit card, they will spend our money. It is said they "spend like drunken sailors." That's unfair to drunken sailors; to paraphrase Ronald Reagan, even sailors are eventually cut off when they max out their credit cards.

When George Bush had the checkbook, then-junior Illinois Sen. Barack Obama said that raising the debt ceiling was "immoral." Now he says it is immoral not to raise it. A politician's “morality” is whatever gets him what he wants — at that moment.

All this unwillingness to discuss spending cuts comes after Obama pushed through a massive tax increase. John Boehner was angry when he realized a tanning bed tax was included; now he views it as personal.

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