RON HART: Obama ‘saves’ us from cliff with Grecian Formula

Published: Sunday, January 13, 2013 at 05:07 PM.

It has been a tough few years for Republicans. I thought John Boehner was going to lose his Speaker of the House position, maybe even to a Democrat. It is just that bad.

The tone in the country continues to bode ill for Republicans. Hollywood continued to do the bidding of the Democrats and was rewarded with a $430 million gift written into the fiscal cliff bill in the way of a handout.

Meanwhile, the most popular movies are “Les Miserables,” which celebrates mob rule and the uprising of peasants who kill the rich in France, and “Django Unchained,” in which a freed slave comes back to kill Southern slave owners. The bad news is that one of these films will win an Oscar for Best Futuristic Documentary.

The only bright spot for the Republicans is that Downton Abbey resumed its broadcast season this week.

I am hopeful that the Republicans, reasoning that they cannot be disliked any more than they already are, will summon up enough backbone to cut up the credit card of Washington by not raising the debt ceiling. That way we can prioritize our spending and get our fiscal house in order.

Republicans have to get past thinking that the budget for our military, which spends six times more than the next biggest in the world (China) and more than the other top ten military powers in the world combined, cannot be cut. Republicans might have to settle for invading smaller countries in the future, preferably ones with inexpensive airline service on Southwest Airlines routes so we can save money.

Obama and the Democrats are the real problem. Obama cannot stop campaigning and neither can stop spending. These are the only two modes they know.

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