RON HART: Orwellian administration’s data under-mining of American values

Published: Friday, June 14, 2013 at 12:19 PM.

In his 2004 run for the Senate, Obama used despicable measures against both opponents. Democratic primary opponent Blair Hull was well ahead in the polls when his sealed divorce papers were “leaked to the press.” Then in the general election, Obama opponent Jack Ryan's divorce files were revealed; Axelrod and Obama even dragged Ryan's child into the contest when custody documents were nefariously leaked.

Obama played dirty tricks on Hillary Clinton in their contest.

We all know how he "blamed Bush” for everything in order to get elected in 2008.

In 2012, the Obama campaign insinuated that all-American Mitt Romney had killed a woman with cancer. Romney’s tax returns were discussed by Harry Reid on the Senate floor, no less. Doug Schulman, then IRS Commissioner, visited the Obama White House more than 150 times, compared to one time during the eight Bush years. You expect us to believe that IRS data were not being used against Obama's enemies?

Administration O-bots systematically lied to the world via UN Ambassador Susan Rice, and the hapless producer of an obscure video was arrested.  He is still in jail, held without bail on dubious charges.  Obama rewards his henchmen; he has appointed -- and this should scare you — Susan Rice as National Security Advisor.

The NSA snooping leaks got really interesting, really fast. If there were a plausible case where those efforts caught a terrorist, we would have heard about it through Obama’s media. Maybe the NSA is using the data it gathers to learn about us so it can better tailor NSA gift shop merchandise to our preferences? Or one day it might chime into one of our calls to let us know we are paying way too much to our Internet provider and we can save money by using the "Family and Friends of Obama" plan.

Tech giants including AOL, YouTube, Skype, Yahoo, Google and Facebook cooperated with NSA's “PRISM” snooping program, either from coercion or lack of integrity. If you want Internet privacy, the only way is to go to My Space. However, Fox bought My Space, so Obama might be all over that site now.

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