RON HART: Putin, Obama, and oligarchy malarkey

Published: Friday, April 25, 2014 at 12:26 PM.

The similarities between Presidents Putin and Obama are many. They both conjure up fake crises to get what they want. Putin said Crimea wanted to be with Russia , so he took it, and more, away from Ukraine . Obama said our health care system was broken – so he invaded one-seventh of our economy and took it. Both demonize their enemies with lies, aided by a subordinate press, in hopes of stigmatizing the opposition. Both use the Saul Alinsky playbook.

Putin is seeking a fourth term in 2018 and doesn’t want to be too closely associated with Obama, whose favorability poll numbers are in the 30s versus Putin’s in the 70s – Putin has his career to consider.

Yep, ole Putin is running again in 2018. He said he looks forward to the voters of Russia being heard at the polls – then chuckled uncontrollably for a few minutes. I predict Putin will win first, second and third in that race.

Obama appears politically weaker each day. He is not going to use military force against Putin’s march for Ukraine . It’s not like there is a Nevada Tea Party rancher grazing cows on federal lands. Yet, he is serious, sending Joe Biden to Kiev . Dennis Rodman must have been on assignment.

Both Putin and Obama have oligarch bag men. Obama has:

Elon Musk: He turned green-energy tax credits into Tesla Motors, making $100,000 cars for the rich. Musk just won tax cuts exclusively for his company in California via his Democratic friends. It is such blatant cronyism, Obama is already denying knowing about it.

George Soros: He trades in the shadowy international currency markets and funnels profits back to Democrats.

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