RON HART: SCOTUS scratching to find feds’ way forward on same-sex marriage

Published: Thursday, April 4, 2013 at 04:07 PM.

The Supreme Court solicited oral arguments on the California same-sex marriage law last week.

The federal case stems from the Rosa Parks of lesbians, Edith Windsor. She paid $363,000 in death taxes because the federal government does not recognize same-sex marriage in her state. The GOP ought to side with her on the estate tax issue alone. Windsor and her partner had a 40-year relationship and married when it was legalized in Canada . They were married for 20 months; that is more than 50 Kardashian marriages. If we should outlaw anything, it should be celebrity marriages.

How can those on the right reconcile their concerns about government intrusions into our lives, about fairness and freedom, while being rabidly judgmental toward a select group of people? The GOP has to be intellectually honest and let the logic of its message flow. This is an opportunity. Should the feds be in the marriage business anyway?

If people are morally against gay sex, how better to bring it to a screeching halt than to let gays’ marry? It is not my role to point out who is or is not gay; I will just let the guy wearing the skinny jeans speak for himself. Live and let live. We have much bigger issues.

Even our beloved leader, Obama, said he “evolved” on gay marriage — right before a Hollywood fundraiser. We will learn more about what informed Obama’s thinking when his ninth autobiography, “Profiles in Courage from Polling Data,” comes out. It's telling that Obama changed his opinion on gay marriage years after Dick Cheney did. Cheney probably felt marriage is a form of waterboarding torture, and he totally supports that.

Ironically, the last Democrat to come around on gay marriage was "don’t ask, don’t tell” himself, Bill “DOMA” Clinton . Slick Willie changed his stance just last week and said he regrets not evolving sooner.

I respect others’ deeply-held religious opinions on this contentious subject. Intact marriages that raise stable children are the bedrock construct of a civil society.

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