RON HART: The case for a government/marriage divorce

Published: Wednesday, July 3, 2013 at 05:23 PM.

For the religious right to cast the first stone at gays is hypocritical. The GOP seems impervious to how harsh and judgmental it appears on this and on other issues where it seeks to codify personal Biblical beliefs into law. Spending political capital worrying about what consenting gay couples do makes conservatives look petty and small.  Let it go.

Our biggest problem in the U.S. is not a couple of retired music teachers with a joint checking account and hospital visitation rights. Our problems are the growth of government and lost freedoms.

Liberals cast a wide net in their never-ending quest to be liked. They are for everything. This is one of the things they support that does not cost money and increases, not decreases, freedom. It should be one of the issues on which the GOP should meet them in the middle.

The right of gays to marry clearly falls in the category of increased freedom and choice, and I have long been for it. If that were the litmus test for governmental decisions, we would be better off.

Fundamentally this issue, like most, comes down to freedom. We have the right do what we determine is best for ourselves as long as we do not hurt other people. Nothing in consensual gay marriage hurts anyone else. Systematically and frantically fighting it hurts a minority class of people.

Eleven states currently recognize gay marriage, with many others bi-curious about adopting it. Even Iowa adopted gay marriage, probably just to give folks there something to do. My guess is that ethanol subsidies were involved. Gay marriage is obviously a non-event in the Hawkeye State.

Government powers should be limited and specific.Marriage, which is essentially derived from and conducted as a religious act, should be kept in that arena. The farther government is from marriage or any other human interaction, the better. Divorcing marriage from government is a good idea.

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