Yellow fly fighter: Building a better fly trap

Published: Friday, June 7, 2013 at 09:47 AM.

3) Hang low with lots of scope for a large swing radius. It takes less wind to move target and it covers more [air] area. Avoid shedding trees as leaves will cover the trap and render it useless.

4) Hang high under-porch eaves, out of reach of people and pets. This year's crop, I have noticed, seems to prefer hanging high and rafter roosting. Well-placed traps do the job. Relocate unproductive traps.

5) Apply product generously. Brush on a thick coating. Don't bother with the spray-on! It's a waste of money, gums up, ultimately messier and most importantly the over-spray is no friend of your environment!

6) Don't stop with one trap the more, the better. Yes, they are dangling eyesores, but it's just for a time and your efforts may reduce next year's crop. After the season, discard traps by wrapping in newspaper like the Walton Sun.

7) Sit back and enjoy the show. Admire your work and rejoice that each fly caught is one more not biting you! I've always said, “If Florida didn't have so many pests, it would have too many people.”

Now, having said all this, you still need to keep those flyswatters handy!

You can find the “stuff” at our local hardware stores. It is now packaged under a brand name as a sticky coating or insect trap.

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