Former commissioner Cindy Meadows, take heart. You were set up, just as others have been, by a cabal that runs Walton County.

Walton County has a history of going after people who don’t play their games.

Scott Brannon, a former head of the Board of County Commissioners, tried to discredit me for exposing his schemes. He reported me to the State Attorney for voter fraud, claiming I voted twice, in Alabama and Florida, and claiming I was not a Florida resident. The day before a press release was to go out, the State Attorney said I did nothing wrong.

A small group of people made sure I was removed from the Planning Board, claiming I had two unexcused absences. That didn’t work, so they reappointed all the people who served on county committees. They made sure not to reappoint me, and several others. The same group later had Dave Kramer removed from the Planning Board, using the excuse he had served long enough. Their problem was David knew the Comprehensive Plan better than anyone in Walton County, and was too honest to vote the way they wanted.

They supported Tony Anderson for commissioner, even though he had zero qualifications for the job. But, he’s a guaranteed vote for their private interests.

So, Ms. Meadows, congratulations for not playing their game! You proved you can't be bought by self-serving people.

The citizens of Walton County need to stand up for open and honest government.

— Suzanne Harris, Edgewater Beach