Amnesty and a wink: Another bad idea whose time has come

Published: Sunday, February 10, 2013 at 05:10 PM.

Moocher illegals come here for the free health-care, food stamps, schools, and goodies politicians give them in exchange for their votes. It cannot be for jobs anymore; the only things the U.S. “manufactures” are federal budget crises. Obama’s economy has been the best deterrent to illegal immigration in 80 years.

The only way to put in a permanent revenue fix to make sure illegals pay their “fair share” is to abolish income taxes and implement a 17 percent "Fair Tax." 

There are economic opportunities to immigration. The CBO estimates that legalizing illegals would boost revenues by $48 billion over 10 years and decrease the cost of public services provided them by $23 billion.

This immigration reform game is a well-worn path. When Reagan signed the Simpson-Mazzoli Act in 1986 with the promise of border enforcement, the result was amnesty and a flood of illegals. And, surprise, surprise, border enforcement never happened.

Build that fence. Give non-voting, "probationary citizen" with no rights to entitlements status to those already here. There is a reason the Great Wall of China and other fences were built: they work. Almost no terrorists have come through Israel's West Bank fence. In 2006, when Janet Napolitano canceled the high-tech border fence that Congress had approved, only 52 miles of the 2,000-mile fence were built. Five years and $1.1 billion later, we still have no fence. What we have now barely slows border crossers at all. They aren't even winded when they get here.

Alabama, Georgia and Arizona tried to pass laws against illegal immigration in their states. They wanted to question people who seemed suspicious. If they could answer a math question correctly, differentiate a leaf blower at Home Depot or could not name a Kardashian then they probably weren't Americans.

Eric Holder immediately sued, admitting he had not even read their immigration bills. Funny, not reading a bill didn't keep Democrats from passing ObamaCare! Eric Holder has lawyers on speed dial, ready to sue all Southern states or anyone who could harm the Obama administration, like S&P for downgrading the U.S. government debt. He has turned the attorney general’s office into a branch of the Cochran Firm. Soon, if you call it, you will have to “press 2 for English.”

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