Published: Thursday, February 14, 2013 at 05:19 PM.

So we decided long ago that if you are going to put your hard-earned capital into the market utilizing our services, we’re going make sure you receive a tangible reward from your investments. Since most of our clients are nearing or in retirement, these dividends amount to a virtual “paycheck.” You get systematic, periodic income, whether the market rises or slumps. 

Question:  What about growth?

Arbor Wealth: We endeavor to grow our client’s principal while they’re receiving income. When markets are not accommodative, however, they still get paid.

Generally, we find that most of our clients fall into two camps. There are clients for whom income is the primary objective and growth is secondary. Then there’s the growth with income contingent: clients who don’t have a regular need for income and prefer that the growth of their assets take center stage. 

In any case, our portfolios are custom-created to suit our clients’ objectives. So we have the ability to tailor the portfolios in either direction.

Question:  How do you choose which companies to invest in?

Arbor Wealth: Ideally, we look for global leaders that command dominant market share. It varies for each investor, but generally, we employ a defensive investing style to protect our clients’ assets, owing largely to their risk tolerance and age.

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