GOP rebranding: Fire up the libertarian iron

Published: Thursday, March 21, 2013 at 04:19 PM.

Perhaps Sen. McCain was just envious of Rand Paul’s delivering a 13-hour filibuster speech without going to the restroom. It was a feat the aged "Flomax" McCain, whose Senate seat is located nearest the Senate men’s room, could only imagine. Rand’s filibuster was one the ACLU and Democrats, if they had any intellectual integrity, should have staged. 

Strom Thurmond still holds the record with his filibuster against the Civil Rights Act. Strom went on for 24 hours, stopping only briefly to father his biracial baby and demonstrate his sense of irony. Strom was nothing if not Jeffersonian.

Libertarians have the better argument on almost all issues. The Democrats are no longer a party with principles. They have turned into a Chicago-style political machine that rewards friends and punishes enemies under the pretense of high-minded ideology.

Obama’s entire national defense strategy seems to be drone spying and bombing, combined with threatening not to pay anyone back on our debts. He is determined to destroy capitalism, successful people, and the free market system. Yet he is so bad at it, the stock market has attained new highs.

Obama blames everything bad that happens on Bush, while the religious wing of the GOP blames everything on gay marriage. The Democrats could reach across the aisle on a gay marriage bill, but it would not work — old Republicans get uncomfortable when dudes reach out for them. The GOP says it dislikes new laws anyway.

Democrats don’t really read bills they pass, nor do they care what’s in the law as long as it's mandatory and creates a new federal agency. Getting a bipartisan bill through Congress is as forbidding as climbing a cactus.

When the GOP pushes its religious values on the rest of the population, it loses traction; Obama suddenly looks appealing to more scientifically-minded moderates. If you do not like abortion, don’t have one. If you do not support gay marriage, don’t get gay married or watch “Modern Family.”

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