OPINION: A cat call for common sense

Published: Monday, September 16, 2013 at 09:22 AM.

People who are cat owners and true cat lovers clean up after their pets and define the acceptable locations for the litter box and these are generally not decks, sidewalks or gardens. When a resident finds that a visiting grandson can’t find sufficient space to bounce a basketball in the driveway without coming into contact with cat pooh and the paint on his car is peeling from cat regurgitation and other deposits, these trespassers can rightfully be considered pests and treated accordingly.

Surely it wasn’t the intent of the feral cat “caretaker” to have the experiment go wrong, but from the very beginning the compassionate thing to do was to get them fixed and checked out by a vet. Then you can invite them to their family, instead of making a neighborhood assume the responsibility they themselves shunned.  

When emotions and hysteria are the fuel of a debate, logic is sucked from the equation. This provides the breeding ground for other forms of infestation, the uninformed, those in search of a cause and those in search of an economic opportunity. At that point, the “then do something — anything gang,” in search of a purpose or relevance, throws their energy and resources at the wrong target.

Instead of chasing headlines by harassing the police or the neighbor who was protecting his property, they should be more concerned with the well-being of the poor cats. They, after all, are the real victims of animal abuse, by the very people who only feed them and neglect all their other needs. From the numerous opinions of concern, voiced and printed, I would expect that some in that number are truly honest and sincere.

To them, I extend an invitation to come to Pitts Bayshore Drive with a trap and their good intent and give one or more of  these cats or kittens a good and loving home. Possibly, Alley Cat Allies and their legal council will find time between their harassing efforts to lend a hand as well. Just about anybody here will be happy to direct you to locations where you can expect the most promising results.

Possibly, this story can have a happy ending, and the Walton County Police Department can deal with important matters without distraction.


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