RON HART: Arab uprising: From hope and change to hype and blame

Ron Hart

Ron Hart

Published: Thursday, September 20, 2012 at 03:29 PM.

ROSEMARY BEACH — The Arab Spring chickens are coming home to roost.

Dismissing two simultaneous attacks on our embassies on the anniversary of 9/11 as "coincidence" and in spite of all available evidence to the contrary, the Obama administration and its surrogates in the mainstream media continue to blame the current unrest on a YouTube video. It is an expedient election year excuse, but it's not the truth.

Attacks have occurred on our embassies in Egypt, Yemen, Libya, Sudan, Tunisia, Pakistan, and Syria. Punch that card one more time and the Obama administration gets a free Subway bombing sandwich.

Even Hillary Clinton could not quell the violence, murder, American flag burning and protests among these anti-American extremists. Odd as it seemed to this administration, militant al-Qaida men just would not take orders from a bossy blonde Methodist woman.

I actually like Hillary more with time. She certainly would have been a better president than Obama. It is sad this is happening at the end of her watch; she had decided to resign as Secretary of State if Obama wins a second term. Democrats hope to fill her chair soon or risk Clint Eastwood showing up and talking to it.

The first reaction of the White House to the riots was to blame Romney’s reaction. Then they reasoned that it was better to blame a YouTube video that no one watched than their own naiveté.

These planned attacks outwitted our intelligence and our common sense. Our Marines were intentionally under-strength. Obama had not attended a security briefing since Sept. 5.  Remember when Democrats derided George Bush for collecting himself for a few minutes in that Florida classroom after being told of the 9/11 attacks? Obama flew to Las Vegas for a fundraiser while all this was happening.

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