RON HART: Christie's fat and furious braking bad

Published: Thursday, January 16, 2014 at 05:13 PM.

It strikes me that Christie's Deputy Chief of Staff, a preppy, pearl-wearing girl named Bridget, did not “go rogue” on the bridge trick. I feel Christie knew, or at least he tolerated an ethos where such a thing could go on.

Obama is the same way, sic’ing the IRS on his political opponents. Both Obama and Christie are bullies; if you disagree, they will have you beaten up to prove they are not.

The difference between Obama and Christie is that Obama never apologizes and takes responsibility. As we know, Obama always blames others and fires no one. And the media give him a pass.

O-bots in the Obama administration have long done his bidding in matters of retribution much worse than a traffic slowdown.

Yet the damage caused by slowing down traffic pales against the disingenuous political shenanigans Obama has pulled by lying about Benghazi, IRS targeting opponents, Holder only prosecuting his enemies, and now the big, premeditated whopper: ObamaCare.

There is a whole new level of sneakiness that permeates the Obama administration, and the press gives its members a pass. It has been made clear that their boss will not fire anyone who does his sleazy work for him. That tone, including the lame duck mentality, only emboldens the O-bots to do sleazy deeds for the president.

The clear path to promotion and power is doing the nefarious bidding of their boss under the considerable protection of government.

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