RON HART: Government: Shut her down and prioritize

Published: Thursday, October 3, 2013 at 03:47 PM.

The feds act like it is such a catastrophe if they have to live within their means. You know, spending only the money they bring in —  like you and I have to do each day. Somehow some great social injustice is done if they cannot borrow to wastefully spend forever. This president speaks of the “greed of the rich” at a $25,000-a-plate campaign fund raiser.

Remember when Obama sent his henchmen cabinet secretaries to the podium to tell us how awful it would be for us if we had the “sequester”? That was the 2.2 percent cut in growth of “non-essential” government services. I’m amazed by what the government considers “services.” Remember, "IRS" stands for the Internal Revenue Service. It shows the government has a sense of humor.

Our petulant president cut the minor cost of White House tours for school children and then left on a $1 million trip to play golf with Tiger Woods in Florida. The cost of that trip alone would have funded White House tours for years.

He gets away with it because his base does not understand finance. Those people think “sequestration” means removing sequins from Elton John’s costumes.

Deficit spending will eventually come to a head, and it will not be pretty. You cannot have a love affair with borrowed money. It’s like a love affair with vodka: long-term, it will never love you back.

Think of it this way. If someone owed you lots of money, would you prefer that he be allowed to raise the credit limit on his credit card or have it stay the same so he would be forced to live within his means? Which situation would give you more confidence that you will get your money back? Which one moves the borrower toward financial solvency?

Obama uses lies and simplistic terms to try to explain it all and to get his way. He says America “is not a deadbeat nation.” This comes from a guy with an unlisted phone number so Chinese debt collectors cannot call him.

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