RON HART: Hot air and $50 million for an all-nighter

Published: Thursday, March 20, 2014 at 05:38 PM.

In the go-along-to-get-along world of government and its sister, higher education, one must toe the party line: Global warming is happening, and our “leaders” must insert themselves and tax us to pretend they stopped it. Their promotions depend on chanting the religion of climate change true believers. In fact, all those who preach the religion of global warming, like professors and political cronies of government, etc., have something to gain by advancing the narrative. They advance “global warming” so they can globally fleece others.

Remember other fashionable worries that never panned out, like Y2K and acid rain? What was the last fear government propagated that actually happened? A phony crisis is created, and government demands our tax money to “fix” problems that do not exist. The more theoretical and less quantifiable the boogey monster, the better.

Democrats declared that the best health care system in the world was “broken.” Then they created a “fix” that has made it far worse. Has the “Affordable Care Act” made health care more affordable?

To believe all the propaganda, you have to subscribe to the following: The earth is warming (and not naturally, as in the Ice Age), man is causing it, discredited organizations that collected “data” to support the theory are right to a fraction of a degree Fahrenheit, and politicians are so smart that if we give them more money they can change the temperature of the earth.

Promoting global warming as a shakedown excuse, the U.N. recently determined that solar activity played a greater role in global warming than originally thought. Wow — the sun? It’s always the last place you think to look, ain’t it?

John Kerry made alarmist global warming speeches recently, calling it “a weapon of mass destruction.” I guess that means we will be invading the climate soon.

The media and the left bully people into believing the theory by saying, “The science is settled.” Then they set about calling those who do not cower in line with them “flat-earthers,” which is the kind of arrogant, derisive statement at which the left is particularly good. But keep in mind, Dems are saying 97 percent of scientists believe in man-made global warming. Back in the 16th century, 97 percent of scientists thought the world was flat. So if someone is a “flat-earther,” he believes in the scientific consensus and not what became the truth. Thus challenging “consensus science,” makes you the opposite of a “flat-earther?”

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