RON HART: Liberal policies turn Motown into Notown

Published: Sunday, July 28, 2013 at 12:03 PM.

Any substantive reforms proposed for Detroit raised the specter of racism for even the suggestion of fiscal sanity. Liberals love crises they create because they can promise more, take more, and blame their enemies. They then continue to play the card they know best, crying racism when the poverty rate is three times the national average.  That game eventually ends, as it has in Detroit.

Left behind is a disillusioned city of uneducated citizens raised on dependency. Dependency robs people of their ambition, pride, and ability to see beyond what politicians tell them they are "owed."

The liberal solution is always to throw more of someone else’s money at the problem, money that filters through corrupt, graft-grubbing hands. The reason Detroit city councilmen are so upset about the bankruptcy is that they have lost control of the city budget and can no longer demand bribes.

As happened recently in D.C., corrupt politicians make it hard for non-union businesses to come to a city. Wal-Mart, which could provide a poor population with needed goods at great prices, as well as jobs, was targeted.  Only politicians in Detroit and D.C. would accuse a 99-cent store of price gouging. The result: good businesses move elsewhere, resulting in a Mad Max, apocalyptic, hellscape of a town.

The process of bankruptcy is a good one. It helps you and others who watch it realize how you got there. I really hope Obama will not butt in. As it does in corporate America, reorganization purges bad management and cleanses debts to provide a fresh start. I hope the process will be unfettered by the Detroit-in-Waiting, Washington, D.C.

Detroit exemplifies the anxiety we all have about what could happen to America. Our trajectory is that of Detroit, given the liberal Obama administration. Denial is not a strategy.  We must look at Detroit and determine if that is what we would like to be. To paraphrase our president, “If he had a city, it would look like Detroit.”

No city or country can expect to survive when its people take more than they give. Until people reject the lies that liberals codify into law and reject the ideology of “progressivism,” they will continue to go financially and morally bankrupt.  Detroit is a warning to us all.

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