RON HART: Obama foreign policy, Credibility lost is seldom regained

Published: Thursday, October 31, 2013 at 02:31 PM.

Obama puts his faith in the U.N. because it operates in similar fashion to his template: using the force of government to achieve a political shakedown for his corrupt cronies. Instead of intervening to stop despots and tyrants from killing their people, the U.N. finds it more profitable to become a global warming alarmist. If you can guilt the deep pocket U.S.A. into believing we are doing damage to Third World countries with our carbon footprint, then you can extract money from us.

The buffoons at the U.N. have reported that sea levels have risen 58 percent faster from 1993 to 2011 than they originally thought. Their precise report says the oceans have risen about two inches. My guess is that Michelle Obama’s college buddy will get a no-bid contract to sell us three-inch sandbags for controlling this “man-made disaster.”

Failing that, the Obamas might have to move their Martha’s Vineyard beach chairs back two inches.

Obama was given a clear “heads-up” by Russian intelligence on the Chechnyen brothers who committed the Boston Marathon bombings. There were more loud red flags in that case than fly outside the United Nations building in N.Y.

With his NSA snooping, (which he says he knew nothing about), Obama has recently angered France and Germany. France is always miffed, but to snoop on respected world leader Angela Merkel of Germany? She was livid. It’s time for self-reflection when the country that brought the world the SS says you have gone too far.

In an apparent strategy to bore our allies into seeing things our way, John Kerry is Obama's new Secretary of State. While a senator, Kerry married the wife of billionaire senator John Heinz (of the ketchup fortune) only months after Heinz’s death. With financial instincts like that, he might have better served our country as an economic advisor.

The one hope I had for candidate Obama was that he would quickly extricate us from these two awful wars of occupation. Instead, he tripled the troops in Afghanistan. Then he tried to go to war with Syria. For the next Mideast war, we need to insist on “shirts and skins” so we might know whom we are fighting — even if we don’t know why.

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