RON HART: Obama “pivots” again to the Seven Deadly D’s

Published: Thursday, January 23, 2014 at 04:34 PM.

All too often, Republicans just follow Obama's “pivot” right into his briar patch. After both sides were battered in the polls over the government shutdown and fiscal cliff standoff, Obama and Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell are now cutting deals behind closed doors. They went from spirited debates and battling it out on principles to such a cozy relationship that it looks like they might adopt children together.

The arrogant presumption is that you have solved all the prior problems you have previously “pivoted to,” so now it is time to focus your problem-solving talents on another vexing problem. If you keep moving the focus you are never held accountable, much like a side-street Three-card Monte dealer or a slick magician.

Their game plan can be summed up by the Seven Deadly Ds: Deceive, Distract, Deflect, Distort, Disseminate, Defame, and Destroy detractors.

Worry not. Obama has worn out his welcome and is a weakened president. He has no wagons left to circle, just dirty tricks to use to intimidate. If you don’t vote his way, he threatens to come to your district and campaign for you. His pivot speeches can now be summed up as “all talk and no action” – or as I called it in college, dating.


  Ron Hart is a Southern libertarian columnist who writes a weekly column about politics and life. He worked for Goldman Sachs and was appointed to The Tennessee Board of Regents by Lamar Alexander. His E-mail:

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