RON HART: Obama ‘saves’ us from cliff with Grecian Formula

Published: Sunday, January 13, 2013 at 05:13 PM.

GEORGETOWN, SC — In the wake of an uninspired and cowardly climax to the self-inflicted drama of the “fiscal cliff,” Washington is poised for its sequel: raising the debt ceiling. This is yet another phony crisis in a series created, and then magnanimously solved, by an increasingly inept Washington.

It's another case where I wonder if it is more detrimental to taxpayers if Congress tries to do something ­— or fails to.

I have heard Congressional Democrats' addiction to debt compared to calling the plumber who supposedly fixed your toilet after it backed up and flooded your home. The same plumber (a.k.a. Congress) is called back out again to fix the problem.  He decides to raise the ceiling on your house to accommodate the sewage he created, and then he bills you for it again.

The complexity and uncertainty of our lobbyist-written tax system continues to stifle economic growth. We have the highest corporate tax rate in the developed world, and we are on a trajectory of spending and dependency similar to that of Greece. Nothing in the fiscal cliff debacle addressed our real problem — spending.

In what passes for frugality in Washington, Obama flew on Air Force One back from vacation in Hawaii, and members of Congress flew back to D.C. at the last minute (always cheap around the holidays), to “do the nation’s business.” Then Obama returned to Hawaii for more vacation and had the fiscal cliff bill shipped to him for signature. It was right out of the Obama/Pelosi “I Have a Dream Speech,” raising taxes on Americans while enjoying a tropical vacation at our expense.

Obama wanted to hurry up and tax the “rich” in America while we still had a few. “Rich” is now bandied around by Democrats as a derisive term. I am not sure what "rich" is in America — maybe people with one or more flat screen TVs — but Democrats now effectively go the podium, point their fingers at anyone successful and say, “There he is, let’s get him.”

After saying during the debates that they would not accept $1 of tax increase for even $10 of budget cuts, Republicans got $41 of tax increases for $1 of dubious spending cuts jammed down their throats.

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