RON HART: ObamaCare fail -- next they'll want to do your knee surgery

Published: Thursday, October 24, 2013 at 03:05 PM.

ARDMORE, PA. — As ObamaCare apologists scramble, this unprecedented commandeering of 1/7th of our economy lumbers on. Only central command-and-control, Democrat progressives could come up with a healthcare plan that is unworkable, yet mandatory.

Even when the uncoordinated GOP gave Democrats a chance to delay this train wreck last week, which would have bought them political cover to fix the glitches, Obama’s ego would not allow it. Arrogant and disdainful of his opponents, he is willing to attack, hurt, and be vindictive in ways not seen since Richard Nixon. He delights only in winning, no matter how flawed the cause.

Watching Democrats defend ObamaCare is like listening to your aunt justify staying in an abusive relationship. At times like this, Democrats miss Anthony Weiner, who would be on TV every day spewing the DNC talking points. Now he is banished, trying to redeem himself with his charity work — which I presume is teaching the homeless to send lewd texts on their Obamaphones.

Armed with their 5 percent understanding of ObamaCare, Democrats soldier on. Keep in mind, their cursory knowledge of ObamaCare comes from talking-head leftists on MSNBC, so it’s not like they are just blurting stuff out.

Instead of letting ObamaCare crumble under its own inept weight, the GOP distracts the public with political theatrics during the very week the exchanges were failing. I think the same tacticians who designed the ObamaCare roll-out also form GOP political strategy.

House Speaker John Boehner cannot control all three branches of government, and he shouldn’t try. He can’t even control all three branches of the Republican Party: RINOs, Tea Partiers and Libertarians.

Government has handled the ObamaCare roll-out about like it does everything: poorly. If a company were as callous and haphazard as ObamaCare, the free market would squash it like a bug. But in government, when something does not work it gets more funding.

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