RON HART: ObamaCare -- the government will mind your business

Published: Thursday, November 7, 2013 at 03:50 PM.

Obama says he would have taken care of this website issue had he only known. Our president has been too busy not knowing about Benghazi, IRS auditing his enemies, “Operation Fast and Furious,”  the wiretapping of Fox/AP reporters, NSA spying on Americans, and how many Americans have successfully signed up for ObamaCare. Not knowing so much consumes a lot of his time these days.

Making matters worse, it takes time to defend what you didn’t know and explaining when you didn’t know it.

The best way to show why a bureaucracy does not work is to let people witness one. These are people who see a banana peel 20 yards ahead of them and say, “Oh darn, here we go again.”

Throw in an underlying political agenda and it gets even worse. The website does ask you to register to vote. Guess who 95 percent of the moocher class will vote for.  And we are paying for this “voter registration.”

Forcing everyone to buy the insurance the Democrats deem necessary reveals their arrogance; they know what is good for us better than we do. There are gentler forms of persuasion than 20,000 IRS agents making people buy something. It is called the free market. And the cool thing about the free market is that it is “free,” and was working just fine.

We should have learned all this by studying history.  Authoritarian solutions in the form of forced compliance never work. The blunt hammer of government force is the very basis of ObamaCare.

Admittedly, health insurance could have been better. We have never had a truly free market medical insurance system. It was a quasi-monopoly in each state through licensing, insurance regulations and charters, and it existed under the thumb of state politicians. They did not want to give up that campaign donation honey hole or their power over an industry they can shake down for money.

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