RON HART: On the State of the Union

Published: Thursday, January 30, 2014 at 06:11 PM.

In a recent Gallup Poll, two-thirds of Americans said the federal government is too big and powerful. Yet Obama wants to circumvent the Constitution to unilaterally make it bigger.

With 69 government handout programs tied to “means testing,” costing taxpayers about $1 trillion a year, the dependent class has little incentive to work. If they earn some money, it puts them above the income levels where they rake in all the government goodies from food, housing, healthcare to Obama-phones. Why work? You can sit at home and watch “Judge Judy” and “Dr. Phil” and make some nefarious non-reportable cash on the side and be better off.

Obama even raised Medicaid eligibility to 133 percent of “the poverty line” adding 30 million to the dole by 2022, all to make his failed ObamaCare look like it insured more. Incentive not to work has never been stronger.

A school program in D.C. paid kids $6 an hour to work at summer school. It backfired on the Democrats. Once the kids got their W-2s and realized how much in taxes were taken out, they joined the Young Conservatives Club.

Obama’s latest focus-group tested pitch of “income equality” has to be called what it is: a socialist redistribution of income that grows government at the detriment of the economy.

What Obama does not say is that the top 20 percent of income earners is not a static group of monocled, top hat-clad, Monopoly guy types. It is an ever-changing group of people. What he should talk about is economic mobility, not equality.

We have just fallen out of the top 10 countries in The Index of Economic Freedom for the first time. “Economic equality” is just a code word for redistribution. The real problem is broken families, the poverty it creates and the lack of economic opportunity.

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