RON HART: Politics better in a stupor than sober

Published: Thursday, November 21, 2013 at 04:35 PM.

ROSEMARY BEACH — “Yes I have smoked crack cocaine … It was probably when I was in one of my drunken stupors …” It was a bold admission from Toronto’s Mayor Rob Ford, the most straightforward politician in the business of politics today.

It’s too bad Chris Farley is not around to play him in the movie.

What he is saying is: “Media get it right. I am not a cokehead — I am just a pass out/blackout drunk. Nothing to see here, keep moving. What happens in a drunken stupor, stays in a drunken stupor. We all know that. What part of ‘drunken stupor’ don’t you understand?”

This is such a toxic political scandal that Obama has already denied knowing anything about it.

Clearly Rob Ford, like most politicians, is a camera-craving narcissist. He is one of the few world leaders who feels our NSA does not watch him enough. But he has not harmed anyone except himself.

In fact, Mayor Ford’s actions while smoking crack have been less damaging than what Obama has done to us while stone cold sober. ObamaCare was a fraud, sold to the American people by lying. It will cost millions of families their health insurance, and others will be forced to pay more if they can get their old insurance back. Bernie Madoff did not damage as many people with his fraud as Obama has.

At least Mayor Rob Ford cut costs for taxpayers in his city, reversing years of overspending. He apparently has gotten some crack cocaine off the streets — and into his body. If Canada had an ill-conceived “war on drugs,” as we do in the U.S., he’d probably fight for Colombia.

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