RON HART: The Town Hall Debate: Angry Birds II

Published: Thursday, October 18, 2012 at 04:06 PM.

I try never to judge a frumpy, rotund woman like Candy Crowley until I hear her sing “I Dreamed a Dream.”

Yet I held out hope that she would shed the liberal skin that is CNN and be fair. Not much has been said about this, but Crowley even allowed a negative question directed to Romney, which asked him to differentiate himself from George Bush. Obama was then allowed to opine on that question.

Why was Obama not asked to compare himself to Jimmy Carter instead of letting him pile on to that question?

Clearly, Romney missed some opportunities. It is not in his nature to be a bombastic, Joe Biden-type of politician full of hyperbole, bluster, Rogaine and Viagra. In the vice-presidential debate, Biden took a strong stand against unspecified “malarkey.” I fully expected Obama to take Jumpin Joe’s lead and come out against shenanigans, horseplay, hooliganism and tomfoolery.

We know that Romney is a different type of person. He is a white guy who still buys Cadillacs, which speaks volumes.

Going into the second debate, the candidates tried to lower expectations. And no one has lowered expectations better over the last four years than Obama; his record is a well-documented disaster. There is nothing he has done while president that the country, absent the lay-abouts and moochers, wants more of. Do we want more debt? More lies about videos being the cause of 9/11 attacks on our consulates? More welfare, food stamps, regulations, taxes, and class warfare?  More unemployment?

We are an imaginative country. We see more UFOs than all other nations combined. But on Tuesday night, neither candidate presented much of a vision for where he would take this country.

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